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lunedì 31 maggio 2010

Tuesday's news!

Hair: Soap mint (New Group gift!) --- =Tekuteku=
Top: DTD Light beige (10m Lucky Board) --- +*JIL*+
Boots: Flat Ankle boots (New Group Gift *_*) --- *COCO*
Socks: (Gift) --- mailto:S@bbia::. 
Skirt: Ruffle skirt (Group gift) --- *COCO*
Tattoo: LP Connect full body (Item Camp) --- ::::::Skin Deep:::::

Ears: Elf ears sculpt (Free!) --- *KIN*
Hair: Take the Freebie pack! --- *KIN*

Dress: New Group Gift! Stunning! ^^ --- Lo*Momo

Hair: Goggle (Check the Freebie pack) --- *KIN*
Necklace: Marin II Unisex (Free) --- .:*:.Kotolier.:*:.
Bikini Top: Tint Bikini W tan lines (Gift) --- (Pixel Dolls)
Shorts: St Patty's (Gift Pack) --- !Nayar

Hair: Kestrel (Check the freebie pack) --- *KIN*
Top: Single Tank Burgundy Shirt (Free) --- (Vive9)
Shorts: Argyle Panties (Gift Pack) --- !Nayar
Shoes: Pink Shirt Day Espradilles (Free) --- ::Duh!::

domenica 30 maggio 2010

Hair: Riddle (99$ L Sale) --- Magika
Ear Cover: (Free) --- *Wave*
Boots: Combat boots (Lucky Board) --- Underworld
Skirt: Skirt Beige Lace (1$ L) --- *Wave*
Socks: Argyle Sock M. Suspender (Group Gift) --- Pig
Sweater: Sweater Border Color (Free) --- *Wave*
Bag: Clear Tote Bag (Group Gift) --- *COCO*

Dress: Strawberry Mini Dress (Group Gift) --- *Honey*Soul*
Shoes: Classy Classic Trendy Boots (Hunt Prize #92) --- Pr!tty
Bag: [Cuculet] Maya Bag (Group Gift) --- FabGreen

lunedì 24 maggio 2010

Hair: Amelie2 (Lucky board) --- [!SyDS! hair]
Stockings: Net stockings (Christmas Gift) --- **Cutie Honey*
Shoes: Sneakers Brown (Free) --- [In Her Shoes]
Tattoo: Fashion Freaks #072 (Hunt Item) --- ::Para Design::
Top: Candy Balloon (5m Lucky board) --- *Hani*

Necklace: Telling heart #26 (Skin deep Hunt item) --- *Tree House treasure*

Hair: Anny (60$ L) --- :::{{Trico}}:::
Jeans: Medium Wash Jeans (Free) --- Free*Style
Top: Single Tank (free) --- Vive9
Sweater: Loosy Hoodie (O-Matic Group Gift) --- ::Tasty::
Bag: Bag of Baguettes (Free) --- TOSL

sabato 22 maggio 2010

Tattoo: Tribal Wings Dark #027 (Dark Katz Hunt Prize) --- Take it to :::Skin Deep:::

Hair: Riddle (99$ L SALE) --- Magika
Dress: Pa*n*da (Period group gift) --- Ruru@Pino

Dress: Victorian princess gown set (group gift) --- *TWA*
Hair: Chihiro (Group gift, watch the notice) --- D!VA

Dress (+ Hair/Hat! ^^): *Garden* Lineage (1$ L) --- *Ray Skin*

Kitty Backpack: Is included on outfit! Wow! =^-^=

martedì 18 maggio 2010

Hair: Kotori #40 (Crazy hair hunt) --- [LCKY]
Shirt & Jacket: 1st anniversary special prize (Hunting 9) --- +Grasp+
Bracelet: Leather bracelet (Group gift) --- +Grasp+
Shorts: Bratop & shorts paints set (free) --- *Pop Feel*
Stockings: Kushukushu Kutsushita (60$ L) --- *Shop Seu*
Boots: Smug Black # (Zombie Popcorn Hunt) --- Ducknipple

Corset: Long Rotten Corset (Group Gift) --- !Rotten Toe
Hair: Vika (Group Gift) --- !Rotten Toe
Horns: Doll horns (Group gift) --- !Rotten Toe
Stockings: Winter Cuties Outfit (Free) --- *Curious Kitties*
Shoes: Circus Lolita (Free) --- [In Her Shoes]

domenica 16 maggio 2010

Hair: Gacha secret 01 (10$ L) --- *HS*
Skirt: Mini check Blue (Free) --- mailto:B@R:::
Top: Shirt Blue Bubble (15 m Free) --- *Pop Feel*
Bag: Food Bank Donations --- -RC-

Dress: Indy (Group Gift) --- *Ray Skin*
Stockings: Kushukushu Kutsushita --- *Shop Seu*


Mouth: Lemon for your mouth (Free) --- ::SPLIT PEA::

 Bikini: **Ray Biki2** +Mizutama+  (Free) --- **VS Necoco**

martedì 11 maggio 2010

Dress: Black Feather (group gift) - *LFS*
Hair: Donna (gift 19th March 2010) - Alli&Ali

Dress: Mourning Dress (free) - Edge grafica

domenica 9 maggio 2010

Dress: Satin Logo (game panel) - *Sweet Angel*
Hair: Natsumi (Lucky Board 5m) - ""D!va""

Dress: Group Gift - :*Lo*momo*:
Hair: ::MIN:: (Gift 1$ L) - +*Heart Softens*+